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are proud to introduce Oriental-CIS, As an IT services provider that serve the local and global market with a comprehensive solutions for web, network, hardware, and media solutions through a skilled and expertise management and technical staff. 

These are the foundations for Oriental to be one of the basic players in the IT sector. We believe that success is the result of full commitment in providing pioneer technologies and premium solutions. We measure this success by the value that has been added to realize business process.


Since Oriental was founded, its products and services had been evolved to meet the shifting needs of the client’s in the rapidly changing world. 

Through our well expertise management and technical Staff, we were able to provide our solutions to enhance the involving business and improve the efficiency of our client


Oriental exists to provide customers with full solutions to all their current and future needs. 

We base our recommendations on customer needs using our solutions to deliver appropriate technologies. By providing all necessary web, graphic, network and hardware solutions, we eliminate the confusion of dealing with multiple vendors.


Our vision is to set business on the future by providing innovative solutions and developing our employees’ skills on unique solutions with best available tools and technologies. 

We are looking to become a strong and leading IT integrated service provider that give birth to businesses.


Our goal is to give the best solutions for our clients by achieving significant businesse's break through, helping business to define their information technology requirements & objectives, and also build a longterm partnership with them through a set of alternative solutions that combine our multi-discipl-inary capabilities in create and implement customized solutions that meets their business needs and requirements.


The rapid and steady growth of Oriental has enabled company to target new markets and customers in the local and global market and to heavily invest in new line of business. 

We will differentiate ourselves through providing diversified solutions and best products that reflect our commitment to excellence, across all lines of business and being a unique IT service provider.

Why Us

Oriental will take over your shoulders for all strain and tedious of daily work required in all IT related issues. By dealing with Oriental you will eliminate the confusion of dealing with multiple vendors. 

Commitment to customer’s
Commitment to customer’s requirements A key priority for Oriental is the full commitment to eet clients requirements and needs. Oriental proud to provide solutions that advance clients excellence “a commitment that makes us the local and global leading provider”. 

Expertise stuffs
Expertise stuffs Our support, analysis, design and development staff are fully oriented to customize your business process for every specific business challenge, resources, budget, and time frame. 

Efficiency and effectiveness
Efficiency and effectiveness Efficiency and effectiveness are not just words to say, for us it is a role of conduct that we follow in delivering solutions to our valuable clients.