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Social Media Management

Oriental talented and award wining team will help you manage the power of social media to connect you with your customers and place you in the center of social media conversation.Brands choose us because, as one of best social media agencies, we know how to turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways.

We offer the following services :


Your long term business goals and we translate the same into a Social Media Strategy..

Brand Building whether offline or online needs to have a long term vision in mind. Given this fact, we focus of providing strategies that scale with the Brand lifecycle over time giving rich dividends to the brand and its stake holders. We focus on achieving goals that drive your business using social media and social tools. Our consulting brings many years of experience with varied clients to the table for your company and brand.


Analyzing your social media status and developing perfect social media strategies for you

Today, social media is everywhere. Your brands reputation is in the hands of the consumers. So jumping into social media without a real understanding or concrete workable strategies can turn out to be a serious misstep.

We help you to take the plunge gracefully in the social media market and establish a firm position for your brand.

1. Comprehensive analysis

Internal review: Your first step to marketing is what your employees say about you. We find out what your employees are doing with social media and how it can be channelized better.

External review: What is your online reputation? What are people saying about your brand on blogs and forums? What all is being said about your competitors? We analyze all such questions in detail and help you to get a wider perspective about your current brand image.

2. Strategy recommendations

Based on the review, we will suggest solid strategies and creative campaigns to increase your visibility and enhance your social presence and reputation. We will provide you with a menu of strategies including your corporate blogs, your conversational media and your social networks along with the budget involved.

3. Finer details

We will also explain to you how social media will benefit you and how ready your organization is for social media. Also we will take you through the legal constraints and permissions involved in social media marketing to help you be ahead on all platforms.


Keeping track of all conversations about your brand and helping you converse more effectively with the right consumers

There is a wealth of information being shared at this very minute on the World Wide Web in the form of chatter on various blogs and social networking sites. It is a barometer of public opinion, thoughts and sentiments. Gone are the days when markets could turn into conversations, now is the time when conversations can be churned into markets.

We help you tap the potential of all conversations related to your brand, analyze them properly and further leverage our expertise by replying appropriately to enhance your brand image. Social media monitoring includes:

1. Conversation discovery

Who is talking about you? What are they talking about you? Where all are people talking about you?

We provide you with detailed statistics and data relating to all these questions with help of advanced monitoring tools.

2. Conversation analysis

After collating all the available data about your brands online presence, we help you understand what exactly it means for your brand. We hold the expertise to analyze the views and trends about your products and services and suggest the future opportunities for growth accordingly.

3. Conversation insights and recommendations

The key to effective social media marketing is two-way interaction. After understanding what consumers are saying about your brand, we help you frame appropriate replies and converse effectively. Providing a personal touch to all your online conversations to increase your fan base and their loyalty would be key at all times.


Our focus is on…
Managing all your social media platforms effectively to yield splendid results

Fully utilizing the potential of social media for your business requires discipline, routine automation and commitment. As the volume of your social media avenues and interactions increase, we help you to effectively track, converse, monitor and manage them on a regular basis.

We take care of your social media ventures in a process oriented periodic manner and act appropriately.

1. Profiles

We create up to date profiles for your brand on all social networks as per your objectives. We also create relevant groups, fan pages and communities which will further enhance your brand visibility on social networks.

2. Blogs

We create and maintain your corporate blog for effective management and nurturing of your brand presence, with regular updates on the comments you receive and the analysis around that.

3. Updates

To maintain your online presence and to perform, constant updates are necessary. Our Analysts perform detailed studies to find out the most relevant and contemporary updates for your brand and the ideal social networking sites for them.

4. Cross linking

Integrating customer interactions across multiple avenues is the key to assess the overall brand success. We help you cross link all your social platforms effectively for optimum results through social media.


Our focus is on…
Building a trustworthy and credible online reputation for your brand and maintaining it

There is a tremendous rise in the consumers who use the web to make buying decisions. Everyone is aware how fast news travel on the World Wide Web.  So we help you create and maintain an extremely credible online reputation, handling all positive and negative feedback, which will ultimately result in growth and increased profits for you.

Visibility and high rankings form of a good online reputation. We help integrate your public relations with search engine marketing. We follow the following process to ensure we capture everything that is being said about your brand online -

1. Analyzing current online reputation

We help you gauge the ongoing public opinion about your brand and analyze it in detail for you. We also help you formulate strategies based on your current reputation driven to build your reputation exactly the way you want it to be.

2. Developing online assets

It is imperative that the search results contain the desired links about your brand as high rankings. For that we influence results by developing and enhancing online assets like corporate sites, micro sites, blogs and online advertisements.

3. Immediate action

The key to successful online reputation management is persistence and dogged determination to succeed. We help you take immediate action on any new developments.


Our focus is on…
Developing the right marketing strategies for your brand on social media and translating your online stakes into profit.

We help you connect with your target audience through our sincere efforts to create content that attracts attention, generates online conversations and encourages readers to share it on all social networks. The content spreads widely and resonates through the social networks which forms a more reliable and trusted source than an official website.

The marketing tools that we use to enhance your market value are:

1. Advertising

We advertise all your products and services creatively through various social media platforms and continue the advertising process through interactions and conversations with the customers as well. We focus on personalized advertising to help create a devoted fan base for your brand.

2. Promotion

Social media is the best place to promote all your current products and offers. Conversations spread like a virus through the web and we help your new product obtain tremendous deserved response just as soon as you introduce it.

3. Campaigns

We help you design and launch customized online campaigns for your products or any initiative that you undertake. Our past experiences are witness to the potential increase in sales through smartly managed online campaigns which result in huge responses in a short span of time.


Our focus is on…
Establishing long term relations with influencers to generate a positive disposition towards your brand

Before starting hardcore marketing, it is important to participate in relevant discussions and forums on the web and be helpful to potential customers to create proper online presence.

Our social media PR helps to engage readers and customers through blogs, micro blogs, forums and social networks. Our main areas of focus are-

1. Opportunities

We help you tap the potential media opportunities that could arise in a given period of time in terms of product launches, expansion activities and new service offerings. We also establish presence on related sites as background work for your marketing.

2. Calendar

We create and manage your activities in a scheduled manner so that all your social media activities are well planned on the timeline.

3. Crisis management

We include all possible negative scenarios and frame appropriate responses to them.

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