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Search Engine Submission

Oriental CIS provides specialised Search Engine Submission services to its clients across all business sectors.

Search engine submission is an Internet marketing activity that involves registering an organisation’s website with search engines to ensure they can be found and listing in consumer searches that directly relate to their products and services.

Oriental CIS takes responsibility for the submission of its clients’ websites to all of the world’s major search engines and directories. But much more than just submitting your site to Google and Yahoo, we also develop a complete search engine optimisation strategy to ensure every aspect of your website is optimised for search engines. This is the only way to obtain prime position in your target audience’s most popular searches.

After all, search engine submission is only one tiny step in a lengthy process of tweaking your site content and code so that it can be found quickly and easily by search engines. Still, it does require an understanding of your market and target audience and knowledge of the hundreds of different search engines currently in use across the web.
There are thousands of search engines and directories on the web used by different people for a range of purposes. Some charge for your site to be listed with them, whilst others do not. Oriental CIS can identify a selection of these which will provide you with an optimum number of visitors within your allocated budget. We manage the submission process, from registration to payment to ongoing adjustment of your selected list of search engines and directories.

Oriental CIS takes what can often be a long, laborious and difficult process off your hands by submitting your website to the world’s search engines. Our search engine submission service covers the finer details that you would not otherwise be aware of or have the time to oversee. We ensure you get the very best deals for paid inclusion programs and don’t pay for submissions that won’t actually bring you significant target traffic.

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