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Private Servers

VPS is suitable for businesses and individuals who provide after-launch site maintenance and web hosting. Use our servers to host your client sites and add to your monthly hosting revenues without any additional upfront costs. VPS is just right for webmasters with multiple domains.

With VPS plans, clients have their own spam filter as well as their own mail server. Many businesses prefer VPS to a shared hosting environment because of the increased power and stability of the mail system.

What Is VPS Hosting? Who Needs It?

Virtual Private Server hosting is the perfect solution for on-line businesses looking for more features and greater control over website administration. Most e-businesses start with shared hosting, a low-cost plan that places several sites on the same server. Indeed, it is low-cost but most successful on-line enterprises quickly outgrow the limitations inherent in shared web hosting. VPS delivers the power and control of a dedicated server at much lower hosting prices than a one-biz-one-sever plan.

How are these Plans Different?

A VPS is a single, dedicated server with hard drive partitions between businesses. The results? More control. More access. More bandwidth. More scalable to individual business needs. With VPS plans, each partitioned business maintains its own operating system, a guaranteed share of essential hardware resources such as disk space, CPU and RAM and an increased level of security for each of your websites. And because you can host unlimited domains with a vps plan, the cost is more efficient than any other hosting option.
The hardware may be shared, but the results deliver like a fully-dedicated server. With complete root access to your partition, you can configure your site without having an impact on other websites sharing the same server. More importantly, changes to other sites won't change your site's operation or traffic access.

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