“ was extremely pleased with this firm. They set target dates and kept them without fail. ”


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Design & Development

Website is a very important component to create a successful business, because it's the first impression that a customer has from your company, and it's a way to make the customer confident that you have a professional presence. It is important for the website to be clear, concise and have well presented information.

Keeping our aim to use these opportunities in an efficient way, we are a very relaxed company who are happy to work at your space and will never push you towards doing something with your website that we do not feel would be 110% beneficial to your company's internet presence.

Oriental CIS Services is a collaboration of independent designers, programmers, & web development professionals working together to bring you high quality services for the internet.

Each one of us brings a broad knowledge base & specific expertise to a project. While our core competency is designing & implementing your web site, our primary focus is on customer service & user satisfaction.
Our rates are competitive & come with the assurance that our goal to stay within your budget is just as important to us as to you.

We believe that our position in the marketplace is a by-product of who we are and what we do. Please take the time to speak with our clients or review what they say about our business practices on the Clients page.

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