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Security Services

Security has become a top priority for every company that uses information technology. Due to the rapid expansion of computer networks and the Internet economy, protecting your systems from attack calls for specialized security measures.

A network that is plagued with security problems has a lot to say about the people who manage it – they are not serious about business. Today, security is paramount for a successful and continual presence on the Internet. Each day more and more vulnerabilities are being exposed for popular operating systems and applications alike. Viruses and worms continue to proliferate networks at an alarming rate – causing congestion, choke points and failed systems. Hacking is not a myth. It happens on a 24/7 basis – relentlessly. No one is safe.

Oriental CIS has the proven skills and track record providing IT security services that minimize security risks. As a vendor-neutral consulting firm, we have partnered with major vendors in the IT security market, giving us the ability to develop and install security measures to suit the needs of your business.

At Oriental CIS, we are committed to providing our clients a safe-haven to conduct their business. Since inception, our network and services have been focused on security and business continuity. We invest and protect our network and those of our clients against the known and unknown both. Although no network is 100% safe, by implementing proven security policies, rigorous attention to logging, audits and above-all using common sense, majority of attack events can be thwarted and those that do manage to penetrate, are mitigated. Most of all, we educate ourselves and our clients on security best practices. 

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