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System Integration

Bringing components together to build a single, fast, reliable and effective infrastructure requires considerable depth of technical knowledge and experience. Finding the necessary time, resources and technical expertise to perform the considerable work involved in-house can prove expensive and difficult. As a result, organizations are seeking reputable and solid service providers such as Oriental CIS to help manage their complicated network infrastructure deployment and system integration.

Oriental CIS Advantages

• Ability to install industry-standard platforms such as Microsoft NT and Cisco Networking equipment, and other multi-vendor hardware and software solutions. 
• Professional project management to ensure accountability and on-time delivery. 
• Low hardware and software costs (Product Services). 
• Systematic planning, materials procurement and logistic systems in place to ensure cost-effective, one-stop service. 
• Fully equipped test lab, used in each stage of deployment and integration services to ensure successful project implementation. 
• Ability to engage and execute globally.

Our Phased Approach

• In addition to our Network Infrastructure Design Services, we aim to design and deploy integrated systems that not only meet your current business requirements, but are also affordable and scalable. 
• Establish experienced project-management team. 
• Interview your IT and business managers on site to define your business needs and concerns. 
• Investigate sites. 
• Recommend strategies and finalize architecture and design through meeting and presentation phases. 
• Ensure your full understanding of project details. 
• Order materials procurement and support. 
• Logistics — prepare pre-delivery and lab test to ensure a single engagement, saving costs and minimizing downtime. 
• Test and validate system readiness. 
• Build lab and field prototypes; prepare for smooth installation. 
• Execute the installation. 
• Configure personalized software and hardware at site. 
• Document installation mythology for your reference. 
• Inventory and document system assets. 
• Review all deliverables to ensure your satisfaction. 
• Offer training on system usage. 
• Perform maintenance and follow-up 

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