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Network Monitoring

 Round-the-clock vigilance 
 Remote and on-site support 
 Instant response 
 Multiple means of notification 
 Multiple network operating system expertise 
 Sophisticated tools and technology 
 Experienced engineers

In business, optimizing performance is essential. Your network will be monitored on a regular basis to identify and correct potential problems. If you lack dedicated IT staff, but need your critical network, applications and system resources to be up and running, Oriental CIS's remote network monitoring services can help. These services allow you to focus your limited enterprise resources on core business initiatives, such as managing your financial and marketing responsibilities, or on mission-critical projects, such as strategic network planning and evaluating new network technologies.

Combining technical expertise with sophisticated, proprietary tools, our IT personnel monitor your network management system around-the-clock, not only at the network boundary, but also on application servers and network devices distributed throughout the network. When an anomaly or failure occurs, we quickly alert the designated technicians to repair or replace system components or functions.

Our Network Monitoring Services

 Remote central monitoring and control 
 Remote diagnostics 
 E-mail, telephone
 Telephone support 
 Problem escalation defined by customers 
 Periodic reports of server performance patterns 
 Report on your Internet connection speed

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