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Virus Protection

A computer virus is a self-replicating program. Viruses usually spread from computer to computer by copying their code. Viruses also come in other forms, including "worms," "logic bombs" and "Trojan horses." These viruses function differently, but they all threaten the integrity of your systems and data. A virus may simply display a message on the user's screen, or it can do more serious damage, for example, destroying data files or causing critical damage to the host computer's operating system.

Recent virus attacks have received a great media attention, from "Melissa" and "Iloveyou," to the more recent worms such as "CodeRed" and "Nimda." These viruses have cost businesses millions of dollars in downtime and lost productivity.

Oriental CIS has partnered with leading anti-virus vendors to help you deploy the most sophisticated methodologies available against virus attacks and provide timely alerts to new virus threats.

Our Phased Approaches

• Preparation: We help customers prepare for virus infection by creating regular backups of original software and data files, ensuring that the computer system can be restored in case of infection. 
• Prevention: Every software program we install comes from legitimate sources. We also pre-test software before installation at our testing laboratory. We always use the write-protect notches on CDs that might be used at customer sites, and we update periodically all scanning and detecting software. 
• Alert: We notify you of any new virus threat immediately via e-mail. 
• Monitoring: Our maintenance contracts include monitoring customers' software, operating systems, servers and networks to detect illegal or potential virus activities, for example, overwriting computer files or reformatting computer hard drives. 
• Recovery: Even with the most sophisticated prevention techniques in place, the potential for virus infection still exists. Immediate professional help is necessary to recover completely from an infection and prevent further damage. Our highly trained engineers can enhance your recovery process and help eliminate further losses. 

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