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Policy Design

For most enterprises, the first line of defense against security threats is a comprehensive, well-defined security policy. These policies must be established, understood, practiced and frequently updated throughout your organization to prevent potentially catastrophic security breaches.

Oriental CIS's specialists can assist you in establishing, reviewing, refining and deploying your security policies, guidelines and support procedures, ensuring that they meet both regulatory requirements and your specific business environment.

Our Phased Approaches

 Discuss your strategic security goals and business needs
 Assess the safety of your information assets from real threats
 Review your current security policies and develop recommendations for improvement 
 Help identify, refine and establish new policies 
 Make sure your security policies comply with federal, state, and industry regulatory requirements 
 Work with your security and IT teams to develop an action plan to put your new policy into operation 
 Follow up with your teams to ensure implementation and enforcement

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