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Security Auditing

Security Auditing has two goals:

1. Ensuring the effectiveness of your existing security measurement and technical standards.
2. Identifying areas where improvement is needed.

Conducting regular security audits has been proven effective in maximizing enterprise IT security. Auditing of firewalls, networks, critical departments, etc. can be carried out by division or company-wide.

Armed with extensive knowledge and experience, Oriental CIS's security experts can provide you with in-depth security auditing, using industry standard tools such as ISS Internet Scanner, System Scanner, Database Scanner, Cisco Net Sonar and Net Ranger.

Our Phased Approaches

 Discuss your strategic security goals and business needs 
 Understand your business requirements through onsite visits and face-to-face meetings with your managers and executives 
 Assess and analyze security-related components of your network systems to determine your company's special security needs 
 Identify vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses in current system infrastructure 
 Review your current security policy 
 Present our security enhancement recommendations, including 3rd party product suggestions 
 Provide security awareness training and briefing to your security team  
Our Auditing Specialties
 Routers, Firewalls, Web Servers, DNS Servers, FTP Servers, Mail Servers 
 Intrusion Detection Systems 
 Windows Server and Desktop 
 Linux / Unix 
 Internet

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