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Intrusion Detection

Internet-connected networks leave enterprises vulnerable to outside attack. Beyond implementing a well-designed security policy, firewalls, and anti-virus software, regular security monitoring and intrusion detection is critical to network security.

Security monitoring is the process of tracking the activities of users and systems. Intrusion detection focuses on monitoring and detecting known and suspicious patterns and traffic on corporate networks, providing a response function to protect organizations from inside and outside the enterprise.

Based on our considerable experience, and armed with the latest technologies, we monitor, identify and analyze potentially problematic activity, alerting our security experts when potential malicious activities occur. We work with your security team to define and coordinate effective responses to any incident before damage to your systems and information assets can occur.

Our Phased Approaches

 Select, procure and configure appropriate sensor, based on your network and budgetary requirements 
 Install sensors at your locations 
 Configure alert variances and settings based on your requirements 
 Test sensor connectivity 
 Monitor sensor and network activities in real time 
 Notify you daily of unusual events detected by sensor 
 Change sensor configuration at your request 
 Maintain and respond to sensor failure 
 Monitor, alert, respond or escalate intrusion based on agreement 
 Provide intrusion resolution support 
 Provide monthly report indicating any intrusion

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