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VPN Implementation

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) technology uses private encrypted tunneling, allowing networking of remote workers, branch office locations, and central corporate sites without dedicated physical circuits. VPN offers companies a safe, inexpensive means of using the Internet to access their internal networks.
We can also help you take advantage of the VPN solutions included in Windows operating systems, and with additional features and security options.

Advantages of VPN Technology

• Provides security while accessing your mission critical information 
• Saves on long distance charges when remote users are out of the dialing area 
• Requires less hardware, e.g., modems used for dialup connections 
• Reduces the number of telephone lines needed for Internet access

Our Phased Approach

• Assessment: Based on your requirements, we first audit your existing network infrastructure and security policy. We then provide you with a VPN module that offers the best return on your investment. 
• Design: Based on the results of our assessment, we propose a VPN solution that meets your requirements, keeping in mind scalability and the most robust security protection for your network. 
• Testing: We test and improve our VPN design in our laboratory to ensure functionality of the specific solution before installing it in your production network. 
• Implementation: During installation of your VPN solution, we document all configurations for future reference. 
• Training: We not only coordinate the provisioning of all required Internet access with your ISPs during implementation, we also offer IT staff training to make sure they know what performance levels to expect-in addition to basic troubleshooting skills. 
• Project Management: We assign an experienced project management team to ensure completion of your VPN project on time and within your budget. An account manager will also be designated as the contact for your project. 

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