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Remote Support

Oriental CIS Call Center is our centralized remote technical support center. Our Call Center takes technical support requests from enterprises with remote technical support contracts.

Special remote technical support features

- Toll-free access from anywhere .
- 1st level support for all desktop issues. 
- 1st level support for network issues .
- Certified English bilingual engineers. 
- Remote network diagnostics and resolution .
- Remote network administration support .
- Manage and report end-user information.

Multiple means of problem submission

- Telephone/ voice mail 
- E-mail 
- Fax 


- Remote network Support performed weekly as a regular preventative schedule 
- Microsoft Windows Updates and patches 
- Antivirus updates and full server scans 
- Review Windows System Log Files 
- Deliver monthly report of maintenance and status if failures occur (by email) 
- Network administration including the following: 
   • Creating/deleting user IDs, login scripts, and menus 
   • Maintain printing configurations, print queues, and print job definitions. 
   • Updating client software drivers as needed. 
   • Configuring tape & Off-site backup jobs 
   • Maintaining network login and Internet connection security 

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