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Server Support

In this technologically advanced world, server reliability is essential in keeping productivity to its maximum potential. Through regular service and maintenance of servers, we can keep downtime to a minimum. Systems running Network applications and databases require regular maintenance to ensure proper management and minimal disruptions of services.

Oriental CIS Monthly Server Maintenance Agreements include: 

- Proactive Maintenance of Servers and Network Resources:

We look for small errors and warning signs that allow us to address them before they turn into big problems that may cause outages, downtime, and loss of productivity and/or corruption of data.

- Business Disruption Avoidance & Disaster Recovery Planning 

    o   Review of “Backup Calendar” 
    o   Semi-Annual analysis of integrity of all tape media 
    o   Monthly (or as necessary) cleaning of tape drive(s) 
    o   Quarterly test of UPS (battery backup) shut down procedure & battery life time 
    o   Semi Annual test of RAID functionality and rebuild procedures

- Helpdesk & Technical Liaison 

Larger organizations enjoyed all of these benefits simply by having multiple internal staff members serving as an IT department. Oriental CIS, provides the same services without the need for the costly overhead of employees.

- Secure Remote Backup Service

 We include a free off-site backup account to protect your most valuable asset - your data.

Remote Maintenance   
- Remote network maintenance performed weekly as a regular preventative schedule: 
- Microsoft Windows Updates and patches 
- Antivirus updates and full server scans 
- Review Windows System Log Files 
- Deliver monthly report of maintenance and status if failures occur (by email) 
- Network administration including the following: 
    o Creating/deleting user IDs, login scripts, and menus 
    o Maintain printing configurations, print queues, and print job definitions. 
    o Configuring tape & Off-site backup jobs 
    o Maintaining network login and Internet connection security


This agreement covers labor only. Client is responsible for all product licensing.
Please note: The following items may require additional costs: Hardware that is defective, out of warranty or not purchased from Oriental CIS. 
- Network operating system upgrades to newer versions and additional licenses
- Printer service and consumable items (toner, fuser, etc.) 
- Microsoft Exchange Server repair or any escalated Problem requiring 3rd party support.

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