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Multimedia CDs

An interactive multimedia CD engages and involves your business associates like never before, creating the strongest possible impression of your product's value. A Business Card CD-ROM is an ideal solution for trade show hand-outs, direct mailings or face-to-face contact. It is a great replacement for traditional business cards that add impact to your business presentation and image. Use the latest technologies to create an opportunity for people to build a relationship with the brand!

Types of Multimedia CD:

• Sales Presentation: On-screen presentation used to compliment a speakers demonstration of a product or sales concept.Series of "slides" used to emphasis and illustrate key messages. The navigation of a sales presentation is linear. This means that as the demonstration progresses the speaker will move through each respective "slide"

• Leave behind CD presentation: A fully navigational presentation of information on a company and/or its product.Navigation allows the CD viewer to access specific portions of content. Generally incorporates an intensive but brief animation to introduce the main company or product and the structural elements animate in.

• Slideshow Presentation: A flow of information without Navigation (e.g. website product promotion or a CD business card),The user views a run-through of a series of steps, services or even a gallery.

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