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Digital Brochures

Are you looking for an innovative way to highlight your products? An E-Brochure may be just what you need.

E-Brochures provide an easy to use interface while offering all the capabilities of a standard website. With Oriental CIS E-Brochure design service, your customers will enjoy a realistic page turning effect. E-Brochures are cost effective and can be distributed quickly and easily to your clients around the world via email or on your website.

E-Brochures are great to use for:

Product Catalogs,Tradeshow Informational, Portfolio Showcase, Seasons Greeting Cards, promotional Newsletter, Touch Screen Applications, Online Instruction Manuals ,and Photo Albums.

Benefits of E-Brochure:

• Your clients can turn your brochure's pages on a computer screen, just as they can with your original print version 
• Your clients can download, read and print your brochure in minutes 
• Your brochure is totally self-contained. Distribute it by email, link exchange, Internet, CD-ROM or a floppy disk. 
• There is no special software or reader application to download 
• You save money on printing costs 
• You save money on distribution costs 
• You save time in getting your brochure to market 
• Your clients can make a quicker decision to visit you

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