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Flash Banners

Banners do not only reflect the image of your business. Moreover, it’s the most important element in your online advertising campaign. If you wish a better response from your online ads, if you need them to be as effective as possible, Oriental is your direction!

We specialize in creating professional quality, customizable Flash Banners to achieve higher CTR's, we use Flash to develop visually outstanding, animated custom banners which can carry more text, frames, and more informative design.

Banner design is not only about graphic creation. Your banner is carrying out your advertising message, and in most of the cases attractive animation alone or colorful images will not make it work as you would expect. There is a complex marketing technology behind every successful banner.

Combining quality Graphic with special working elements and producing as a results a productive ad - this is the art of banner design. We, at Oriental CIS, know how to design an effective Flash banner, that will make a difference in your online business!

So If you would like us to develop a Flash banner for you - simply send us an email including a rough concept idea of what you are looking for (& the URL of your existing website if possible).

We will contact you to investigate your needs & wishes in more depth.

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