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Signs Design

To create a modern and professional impression, to ease traffic congestion by replacing ageing maps with a clear plan that would help visitors to find their destination quickly and easily without having to spend long periods studying the signs from their vehicles.

We are delighted with the new signage designed and we’re confident that it will not only improve the image of the Business, but also help visitors to better navigate the site.

Oriental CIS in Belfast specialize in the design of all types of signage. With each year the company has expanded and now design signs to all types of businesses, private sector companies and government agencies.

Oriental CIS sign makers pride themselves on their innovative graphic design techniques, meaning that your signage proposals will be of the most unique & modern design. The design team creates unique, personal & effective designs for all types of clients & businesses.

Oriental CIS offer a Signage Design for Different needed like:

• Standard Safety Notices & Signs 
• Vehicle graphics.
• Internal / External Signs 
• Information Points & Boards 
• Estate & Way finding Sign Solutions

As such, we designed a range of concepts and developed the chosen idea into a finished solution, advising the council on color schemes, choice of materials and communicating with the manufacturers to ensure a positive result.

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