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Logo Design

It could be argued that every company, business, product or service requires a professional logo design as the cornerstone of their marketing and advertising efforts. It could also be argued that because of this importance, the designing of effective corporate logos requires the attention of a talented designer who also possesses real-world, practical experience. That would describe staff from The Oriental CIS - a team of pro logo designers who are masters in graphics and corporate identity creation.

A highly effective logo becomes a symbol of your company image, and demonstrates your attention to detail whether it's used on your web site, Flash Animation, Brochure Design, advertising or Letterhead & Stationery Design. You need graphic experts to walk you through the sometimes painstaking process of corporate identity and logo design development, and then apply the 'look and feel' of that new image to your business materials through effective graphics integration and brand management.

Designing an effective logo design for your company, product or business service is more than a designer simply slapping some text on a pretty picture. It is the distillation of your company's identity, personality and uniqueness into a dynamic and memorable image that will remain timely for years to come. The Oriental CIS firm is up to the task "!

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